Bel Foundation


A Foundation to act on behalf of children


The Bel Foundation, created by the Bel Group and its reference shareholder Unibel, takes actions for the well-being of children, with a particular emphasis on food issues.

We focus on 4 broad areas of action:

  • Combatting child malnutrition,
  • Supporting subsistence farming and market garden programs,
  • Building infrastructures related directly to feeding children,
  • Raising awareness to a healthy and balanced diet.

Since the Foundation was established in 2008, more than 230 projects have been supported, which represents more than 2.3 million euros in donations made to charitable organizations that act on behalf of children around the world. We are proud of our support for concrete and sustainable initiatives that help communities where the Bel Group is present. These charity projects go hand in glove with Bel's mission to bring smiles to families all over the world, and they reflect our commitment to share with the greatest number of people possible.

We will continue to develop this momentum in the coming years to ensure that our Foundation resembles the image of our company, a human adventure with a mission our employees can be proud of. To that end, our employees are free to get involved in good citizenship initiatives on behalf of children and may solicit financial support from the Bel Foundation. Since 2010, the Foundation has awarded grants to more than 80 employee teams to help fund the local charitable initiatives in which they are directly involved. This is a way to extend the Group's mission beyond the company's doorstep and to remain close to our local communities..