Bel Foundation


How the Foundation operates



The Board of Directors includes nine members grouped into three colleges. Chaired by Antoine Fiévet, the Bel Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the Foundation’s Board of Directors meets at least twice a year to rule on what projects to support and to ensure that the projects are carried out according to plan.

The college of the founders (Bel and Unibel)

  • Antoine Fiévet
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bel Group - President of the Foundation
  • Valentine Fiévet
    Vice-President of the Supervisory Board at Unibel
  • Florian Sauvin
    Member of the board at Unibel - Treasurer of the Foundation

The college of Bel employee representatives

  • Jean-Noël Darniche
    Group Marketing Director
  • Guillaume Jouët
    Foundation Secretary and General Manager of Human Resources, Communication and Sustainable Development
  • Chantal Cayuela
    Head of Research and innovation

The college of ex-officio representatives

  • Jean-Marc Guesné
    Genral Manager of Ashoka France
  • Béatrice Darcy-Vrillon
    Head of Research, Co-Head of the Human Nutrition Division at INRA, French Fund Administrator for Nutrition and Health
  • Claude Tharreau
    Co-founder of the CSA research institute

By proposal of the Board of Directors

  • Isabelle Fiévet, Foundation Managing Director

The next Board meeting will take place on
November 29th, 2017.

Comprised of volunteers, the Project Selection and Tracking Committee meets once a month to study new funding requests and to validate their relevance to the Foundation’s mission. Its members include:
  • Christel Ara, Leerdammer Product Leader, Marketing France
  • Alexandra Berreby, Sharing Cities Director, Bel Access
  • Marine Falque, Responsible Nutrition and Marketing Manager
  • Aude Romelly, Boursin Product Leader, Marketing France
  • Hanan Zambib, Human Resources Manager, Middle East and Greater Africa Region