Bel Foundation


News - December 2015

The Bel Foundation supports 4 new projects :

At the Board of Directors meeting held last November, the Bel Foundation decided to support 4 new projects:


The Saint Martial School in Port au Prince welcomes 1 400 students from kindergarten through primary to high school. The earthquake which hit Haiti in 2010 destroyed almost the whole school.
Project supported: Reconstruction of the school canteen used by primary students. This vast project is part of the rehabilitation project to rebuild the establishment which will enable some 600 students to benefit from it upon returning to school in September 2016


Djantoli offers a health service to young children: from prevention to cure.
The Djantoli Association has created a unique and innovative method which alerts, monitors and ensures the health and well-being of children and detects signs of malnutrition.
The association exists since 2010 in Mali & since 2013 in Burkina Faso.
Project supported: Accompany the Djantoli actions and roll-out in two zones outside of Ouagadougou and Burkina Faso.


The mission of Migrations & Development is to promote rural development projects in southern Morocco.
Project supported: Enable the creation of an “educational farm” within existing schooling environments.
10 hectares of dedicated agricultural space for students enabling them to experiment and learn. Workshops will be organised for 700 students to raise awareness and learn good healthy feeding practices. .


Association of international notoriety, « Aide & Action » operates in over 25 countries and implements 87 projects to support education around the world.
Aide & Action has helped support the rebuilding of 12 schools in Nepal following the 2015 earthquake.
Project supported: Reconstruction of a primary school which was hit by the earthquake.
The mission of the Foundation is not to rush. However, given the natural disaster that hit Nepal at the beginning of 2015, the Foundation Board Members would like to offer its support and help.
The reconstruction of a primary school will bring a return to normality for the community and especially the children.