Bel Foundation


December 2017

The Foundation is supporting six new initiatives:

During its May 2017 meeting, the Board of Directors of Bel's Corporate Foundation agreed to support six new charitable initiatives for the 2017-2018 year:

> Benin

Uncle is a French charity that provides logistical and financial support to on-the-ground charities and NGOs that assist vulnerable children. As part of its mission, Uncle is supporting the Padre Pio Foundation's orphanage in Benin.

Initiative supported: Building farm animal shelters at the orphanage with a view to making the establishment's food supply self-sufficient.


In 2016 the Foundation helped the charity equip the orphanage's kitchen.

Social impact: The Foundation is helping to make the orphanage self-sufficient in terms of food and helping to improve conditions of the nearly one hundred children who live at the orphanage.




> Madagascar

For 25 years, Agrisud has worked to bring impoverished people back into the economy by helping them to start small family farms that are agro-ecological and well anchored in local markets.

Initiative supported: Implementation of an integrated approach that combines farming and nutrition to improve the daily diets of families in Madagascar.


With the backing of the Foundation, Agrisud aims to significantly scale up its initiative by seeding it among the target population.
Agrisud has observed that assisted populations often have persistently high rates of malnutrition despite economic improvement in their lives.
Complementing its activities to develop farming, and in partnership with the Madagascan Regional Nutrition Office, the initiative includes activities to raise awareness about nutrition derived from the LANN (Linking Agriculture, Natural Resource Management and Nutrition) approach. In particular, a nutritional guide has been prepared to provide the necessary guidance for making effective assessments, raising awareness and providing customized training to durably improve nutrition for families.

Social impact: Nearly 1,000 beneficiary women and 4,000 children in a very impoverished area, where the rate of chronic malnutrition for children under five is 62%.




> France

French charity Envol has been assisting seriously ill children and their families for 20 years, offering specially designed recreational stays to help them recover.
A wide range of individual and team sports and cultural events are offered during the stays.
Through shared experiences, games and fun, children regain their confidence and discover capabilities they never knew they had, which can then be applied in their daily lives.

Initiative supported: Cooking workshops for children for all stays from July to November 2017.


Through its support, the Foundation helped 240 sick children and teens discover the joys of cooking and a balanced diet in small groups.
Eight hours of cooking workshops, assisted by volunteers, were held for each stay to bring enjoyment to the children through tasty and creative recipes.

Social impact: 240 sick children were able to entertain themselves, discover the joys of cooking and recover their taste for eating well.
In all, 560 hours of cooking were provided to the children over a period of six stays from July to November 2017.




> Haiti, Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Niger, Tchad and Congo Brazzaville

International NGO L'Appel works on behalf of children's health.
The charity developed a nutrition educational method called Nutricartes® to fight child malnutrition. Presented as card game, Nutricartes® is a fun and interactive way to learn. The method is clear, simple and easy to implement..

Initiative supported: Deployment of the Nutricartes method in six countries with high malnutrition rates.


The Foundation's support helped deploy the program in six countries. The program aims to teach mothers how to prepare varied and balanced meals adapted to the nutritional needs of their young children, based on locally available food and financial resources. The idea is to encourage and support active family participation in the fight against child malnutrition.
The initiative will be rolled out until 2019.
An independent audit of the method and its outcomes will be carried out at the end of the two-year program.

Social impact: 15,000 mothers trained and made aware.




> Burkina Faso

An international development NGO, Le Gret is involved in host of health, farming, water and other initiatives to deliver sustainable solutions for fair development..

Initiative supported: Deployment of the Allolafia project, started in 2016, to provide customized information and raise awareness about children's health via mobile phone.


The Foundation agreed to support Le Gret for the second year in a row to help deploy and expand the Allolafia program to new families.
The program aims to provide parents of children under two with practical and useful health and nutritional information adapted to their needs via text or voice messages sent to their cell phones each week. Dietary information about infants and young children is texted on a regular basis. The remotely available information is able to reach people who live far from healthcare services and are therefore the most vulnerable to malnutrition.

Social impact: In 2016, the mobile subscription services of 4,400 enrolled families were continued for free for the second year in a row, with 2,000 new families signed up.




> Burkina Faso

SOS Sahel is an international NGO that has worked for over 40 years to improve food supply safety and the living conditions of people who dwell in the rural communities of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Initiative supported: Combatting malnutrition among children and pregnant women in eight communities in Burkina Faso.


The Foundation has worked with SOS Sahel since 2015, and supports its program to fight infant malnutrition in the north of Burkina Faso, a region that suffers from chronic food shortages.
Under a broader program to restart farm production, the NGO also works to raise awareness among mothers about good eating practices. It holds cooking demonstrations and sessions on how to prepare fortified flour meal, along with theatrical forums and village assemblies in some 100 villages to arm women with the information they need to durably fight child malnutrition.
It also provides screening and treatment of malnourished infants and children. Malnourished children are treated at healthcare centers.

Social impact: Nearly 25,000 children up to age five have benefitted from the program and nearly 20,000 women have been taught good eating practices.