Bel Foundation


December 2018

The Foundation is supporting 5 new projects:

For the first time, the Foundation invited all its employees to help choose the projects, by voting for their “Favourites”. Three awards worth an overall total of 30,000 euros were handed out to three projects for building and equipping school canteens.

The joint aim of these three projects is to improve the daily diets of the children and boost the autonomy of the school canteens.

Racines d’enfance in Senegal, Aïna, Enfance et Avenir in Madagascar and Christina Noble in Vietnam are the three winning organisations:

> Senegal

Since 2004, volunteer organisation Racines d’Enfance has built nine kindergartens at the request of isolated village populations in Senegal. These facilities welcome children aged between 2 and 6, under the aegis of primary teachers trained by the Senegalese state. The organisation has been extending its support to a number of villages in Senegal since 2004.
In order to offer a daily lunch to the pupils of these schools, Racines d’enfance has been involved in specific action concerning school canteens since 2014.

Project supported: Installation of a canteen in the nursery school at Saal, Senegal.


In this rural region of Saal, the organisation identified a need for a school canteen for the children and staff, who were not able to have a balanced daily meal and had to wait till school was over to be able to eat lunch.

With the support of the Foundation, a vegetable garden has been set up and run by the village community. It provides fresh produce for the school kitchen, thereby allowing the children to enjoy a balanced meal daily. And as access to water is vital in order for the garden to function properly in the long term, a well was dug alongside the vegetable garden.

With better staff conditions for their early learning experiences, the children will find it easier to get to primary school, thereby increasing the school enrolment rate.

Social impact: 100 children aged under 6 will benefit from the project.




> Madagascar

The mission of French solidarity association Aïna, Enfance et Future is to help underprivileged children and young mothers in Madagascar to build a better future for themselves. Through the various facilities it runs (nursery schools, crèches, orphanages, homes for teenagers, training centres) the aim of the association is to encourage the enrolment of 150 children and vocational training for mothers.

Project supported: introduction of canteens in four solidarity nursery schools in Antananarivo, Madagascar.


With the support of the Foundation, for each of the schools in the four villages in the vicinity of Antananarivo, a canteen is going to be built and fully furnished. The association will also set up an agricultural greenhouse and a small livestock farm to supply the school and make it autonomous.

The project will help to meet the daily nutritional needs of each of the children thanks to the distribution of a full meal and a snack. In addition to education and nutrition, work is also under way on health and hygiene.

Social impact: 150 children aged under 6 will benefit from the project.




> Vietnam

For almost thirty years, Christina Noble has been helping underprivileged children in Mongolia and Vietnam, through programmes aimed at providing access to care, education and assistance with community development. More than 900,000 children have benefited from their support.

Project supported: Renovation of a canteen at the nursery school of Bao Thuan, in Ben Tre province, Vietnam.


In this province affected by extreme poverty, getting the school canteen back in action is essential. This will enable the children to have a healthy, balanced meal at least once a day. It also offers better learning conditions for the pupils and helps to counter absenteeism.

With the Foundation’s support, the old 50 square-meter kitchen, currently repurposed as a classroom, is going to be brought back into compliance and kitted out with all the materials necessary for the canteen to run properly, with better hygiene conditions.

Social impact: 167 children aged 3 to 5 will benefit from the project.




At the meeting of the Board of Directors last November, the Bel Enterprise Foundation decided to support 2 new associative projects, to be implemented in 2019:



> Burkina Faso

Convinced that, without education, no economic, social, health or political progress is possible, the International solidarity organization, Aide et action through the education has been contributing since more than 35 years to improve the access and the quality of the education for millions of children and adults. Established in Burkina Faso since 2001, their operations revolve around three key areas : access and quality of education, education for women and girls, and education in hygiene and the environment.

Project supported: Enhancement of a school canteen in Obdaga, Burkina Faso. The aim is to improve the diet of the pupils at the school in Obdaga, by improving meal preparation and conditions.


Within the scope of the “ Village Programme ” conducted by Fondation Orange, Aide et Action is implementing a project in support of school enrolment and health development in the village of Obdaga, Burkina Faso: a health centre, water supply and school are going to be built for the start of the 2019 academic year.

The Bel Foundation decided to be part of this project in order to address the issue of nutrition for pupils at the Obdaga school, as this is a key factor in academic success. The Bel Foundation’s support for Aide et Action will help to renovate and fit out the school kitchens, build a refectory, train the canteen staff in better management and create a vegetable garden.

Social impact: 236 primary school pupils will benefit from the project.




> Haiti, Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad and Congo Brazzaville

International NGO L'Appel takes positive action to benefit children in three areas: health, education, and water & improving living conditions. The organisation has designed a nutritional education tool designed to combat child malnutrition: the Nutricartes® teaching tool, which takes the form of playing cards and provide a fun and interactive learning method, with clear, simple messages that are easy to put into practice.

Project supported: Creation of a smartphone application for gathering and analysing field data. The aim is to assess the effectiveness of the Nutricartes® teaching resource, deployed in 6 countries since 2017.


Since 2012, the Bel Foundation has provided L’Appel with support at various stages in the deployment of its Nutricartes® teaching tool.

Now that a number of years have gone by, evaluating the tool has become a key part of maintaining continuity in the project. With the Foundation’s support, in 2019, L’Appel will be able to fund the creation of a smartphone app. After collecting the field data, the organisation will use an external evaluation firm to assess the Nutricartes® tool, with the aim of deploying it.