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  The Bel Foundation supports 10 new projects  

During its first 2014 Board of Directors meeting held this past June, the Bel Foundation selected nine new projects that will be overseen by associations in Senegal, Madagascar, France, USA, Vietnam, Egypt and Morocco.

Aide Médicale & Développement – Senegal

Aide Médicale & Développement is an association for international solidarity that carries out health development activities among vulnerable populations wherever the need arises.
Supported project: create a solidarity fund for the Centre de Récupération Nutritionnelle (CREN) (Nutritional Recovery Centre) in Dakar, to accommodate more children for paediatric consultation and children hospitalized for severe malnutrition.

Sidi Bernoussi Charitable Association - Morocco

The Sidi Bernoussi charitable association manages an orphanage of 250 boys in Casablanca.
Supported project: create a garden in the centre, which will serve as a teaching tool for children.

Boys & Girls Club of Brookings - USA

The mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs is to provide a safe place where children and youth can enjoy numerous activities that promote inclusion and build confidence.
Supported project: implement a nutrition awareness programme with presentations, site visits and fun activities.

Ecoles du Monde – Madagascar

The Ecoles du Monde mission is to develop education in Madagascar by building and fitting out local schools and monitoring how they are run.
Supported project: develop a rice field and school garden and plant fruit trees in the schools.

Enfants & Développement – Vietnam

Enfants & Développement is an international NGO working in developing countries with the aim of improving living, health and education conditions for the poorest children.
Supported project: improve the nutritional status of children in District 8 in Ho Chi Minh City by local teams supporting, monitoring and advising mothers.

Enfants Soleil d’Avenir – Madagascar

Enfants Soleil d’Avenir aims at improving the living conditions of the bush inhabitants of the east coast of Madagascar by acting for sustainable rural development.
Supported project: promote food diversity for children by creating vegetable gardens, orchards and nurseries in several schools.

Face for Children in Need – Egypt

The association helps children in need, abandoned children and children living on the streets of Cairo. It runs five orphanages and a centre for street children.
Supported project: fit out one orphanage kitchen with professional equipment.

Fondation PileJe and the Institut Pasteur in Lille - France

The PileJe foundation's mission is to promote the links between diet and health among the general public. The Institut Pasteur in Lille is a structure combining research and health prevention actions.
Supported project: deploy a collaborative nutrition education programme for children in their last 4 years of primary school.

Village Pilote - Senegal

The mission of Village Pilote is to curb the problem of street children in Senegal by working in particular on prevention, protection and rehabilitation of children at risk.
Supported project: contribute to better nutrition through the consumption of local cereals by building a bread oven and training youths in bread baking.