Bel Foundation


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The Bel Foundation's mission consist of supporting projects from nonprofit organizations and charities all around the world.

Before being presented to the Board of Directors, each support request is analyzed by the Project Selection and Tracking Committee (PSTC) in order to make sure that it meets the eligibility criteria.

Chaired by Antoine Fiévet, who is also CEO of the Bel Group, the Bel Foundation Board of Directors meets twice a year to give its final decision on which cases should be sponsored and to follow up on them.

The next Board meeting will take place on Thursday, May 23rd, 2019.

No incomplete files will be considered.

The call for projects for the non-for-profit organizations is open.
Submit your project of a school canteen before March, 31th 2019.

The next call for projects for the Bel collaborators committed for the children will open on June, 3rd 2019.