Egypt Call For Projects

Isabelle Fiévet, Executive Director of the Bel Corporate Foundation

Your project is helping the development of school canteens in Egypt?

Submit your project !

You can get a financial support from the Bel Foundation to implement your Project for the coming year.

Selection Criteria

Before submitting your project, please check that you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Your structure must have a not-for-profit designation,
  • If not French, your Structure must have a French partner and/or one recommendation of a French Foundation,
  • Your Project must be specifically related to children (0-16 years of age),
  • Your Project has to specifically improve their nutrition, in a school canteen,
  • The Grant must apply to actual implementation of an initiative and not to the association funding,
  • Your Project must be in line with long-term goals and have long-term durability,
  • Your Project must be based in Egypt.


Before beeing submitted to the Board of Directors of the Foundation, every application is assessed by the Project Selection Committee (PSC).

  • March, 22st – May, 2nd 2021: online applications
  • May, 2 – 19th 2021: analysis and preselection by the Project Selection Committee
  • June, 7th 2021: deliberation of the Board of Directors

The 2021 Call for Projects is now closed.