Days for Good

In 2022, the Actors for Good program was created within the Bel Group to help each Bel employee to have a positive impact on people and the planet.

The Bel Corporate Foundation joined the Actors for Good program in 2022 to create Days for Good, the first week of solidarity at Bel.

Locally and on a voluntary basis, each Bel site (France and subsidiaries abroad) has the opportunity to organize one or more solidarity actions with local NGOs and associations.

At participating sites, each employee can dedicate a few hours/days of his work time to help an association working on children’s and/or food and/or environmental issues.

As an example, here are the actions that were carried out in 2022 and 2023.

On the theme of children: nutrition workshops for children with mothers, sorting baby clothes, creating fabric bibs, sorting children’s Christmas presents…

On the theme of food: preparation of meals for marauding, preparation and cooking of pastries and tasting with isolated elderly people, workshops to raise awareness of plant-based cooking and the impact of food on our carbon footprint, food collection…

On the theme of the environment: pollinator awareness workshops, zero waste and eco-construction workshops, maintenance of green spaces (waste collection in the forest), clean-up of rubbish on the Seine…

Bel employees were able to share in the daily life of the associations, strengthen their sense of belonging and reinforce the team spirit and solidarity that are an integral part of the Bel Group’s DNA.

For the associations, the impact of this event is twofold:

  • benefit from the skills and energy of Bel employees
  • receive an endowment from the Bel Foundation to finance a long-term project.

Encouraged by the interest shown by the partner associations of the Days for Good and by the commitment of our employees, we look forward to seeing you in 2024 for the next Days for Good!
The themes will once again focus on children, food and the environment, while integrating the issues of combating exclusion through several missions

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