Our Mission

Since 2008,
the mission of Bel Corporate Foundation
is to act for children
all over the world.

To respond to the mission, the Foundation focuses its action on two axes :

  • The Foundation provides financial support to associative projects in France and in all the countries where the Group operates. The actions implemented are diverse and always address a local issue.

In supporting projects led by Charities, the objective is to bring concrete and durable solutions for a better nutrition of the children.

  • The Foundation supports the engagement of the employees by helping them to make their solidarity projects for children happen.

A dozen of Grants are awarded each year to several employees’ team, acting activily in local Charities for the well-being of children.

In 2019, a new ambition

Today, the Foundation is stepping forward.
The mission remains unchanged but the Foundation wishes to focus particularly its action on strengthening schools’ canteens.
Every child, wherever he/she lives, must have access to a healthy and diet meal at school.
The Foundation wants to make the school and the canteen a special place and its actions’s anchor point.
At school a meal a day is still not shared everywhere in the world. Yet it is obviously a fundamental right and an essential trigger for enabling children to learn and to grow in optimal conditions.
The ambition of the Foundation is to contribute to it.

The President’s message

“Ten years ago, when I decided to create a Foundation, I wanted the Bel Group to meaningfully commit to solidarity actions with the conviction that our company could not sustainably develop without special at-tention paid to the societal and community issues for which we operate.

The supported initiatives by the Foundation bringing concretes solutions for the children, are fully in line with the Group’s mission and reflect its values.

Antoine Fiévet,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bel Group – President of the Foundation