You are a NGO

Your project is helping the development of school canteens?

Submit your project !

You can get a financial support from the Bel Foundation.
Every year, about twenty projects are supported.

Selection Criteria

Before submitting your project, please check that you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Your structure must have a not-for-profit designation,
  • If not French, your Structure must have a French partner and/or one recommendation of a French Foundation,
  • Your Project must be specifically related to children,
  • Your Project has to specifically improve their nutrition, in a school canteen,
  • The Grant must apply to actual implementation of an initiative and not to the association funding,
  • Your Project must be in line with long-term goals and have long-term durability,
  • Your Project must be based in one of the countries where the Bel Foundation operates (click here to see the list of countries).


Before beeing submitted to the Board of Directors of the Foundation, every application is assessed by the Project Selection Committee (PSC).

  • January, 3rd 2022: online applications
  • April / May 2022: analysis and preselection by the Project Selection Committee
  • May, 16th 2022: deliberation of the Board of Directors

The 2021 Call for Projects is now closed.
The next Call For Projects will open on January, 3rd 2022.