The French NGO “2400 Sourires” was born in 2019 with the objective of bringing aid to the underprivileged children of Madagascar, and more particularly to the street children of the Malagasy capital, Antananarivo. Based on UNICEF studies which identified 2400 children in the streets of the capital, the NGO quickly launched the construction of an emergency reception village: the “Village of 2400 Sourires”. The objective is to accompany street children in a safe environment by offering them access to healthcare, food, and education. 

The project supported in 2021: the Foundation is helping the association to build a school canteen for the children of the “Village of 2400 Sourires” in Madagascar. 

Within the “Village of 2400 Sourires”, a school and a boarding school will welcome children from the streets and surrounding communities. In a very vulnerable situation, the children of the region generally do not have the possibility of feeding themselves daily. The NGO therefore asked the Foundation to help them overcome their food insecurity. With the goal of having a meal every day, this project makes school more attractive for these children and improves their learning conditions. Identified and taken care of in the “Village of 2400 Sourires”, these children will benefit from support throughout their education as well as from regular medical follow-up.