Democratic Republic of Congo


International NGO Adesaf (Association pour le Développement Economique et Social en Afrique) encourages the creation of revenue-generating activities by and for the world’s most vulnerable people. Its projects are primarily aimed at securing food supplies, improving school conditions and ensuring access to drinking water for those populations..

Initiative supported: Raising awareness among middle school students in Boko, Republic of Congo, via an educational vegetable garden. The aim of the program is to fight infant malnutrition through awareness raising and giving teachers, parents and students access to a healthy and varied diet.

The Foundation’s support will enable Adesaf to finance a 225-square meter, educational vegetable garden, as well as sessions to teach people how to work the land, sow seed, and maintain and harvest the produce. It will also fund the creation of a program to raise students’ nutrition awareness with cooking workshops that use the harvested vegetables, and entertaining, food-themed games.

Social impact: 150 middle school students and their parents will be made informed of nutrition issues, and 10 school personnel will be trained in vegetable gardening.