The main mission of Ados (Ardeche, Drome, Ourosogui, Senegal), an international NGO, is to contribute to local development in Senegal by improving Senegalese life and encouraging professional and educational exchanges between France and Senegal.

Initiative supported: Developing market gardens to increase the daily household rations of fresh vegetables in Senegal.
The aim is to fight malnutrition in rural families.

The donation from the Foundation will be used to strengthen three fruit and vegetable gardens (five hectares in all) managed by women:
– Improving garden productivity by teaching growing techniques to women and outfitting school water wells with solar-powered pumps,
– Enhancing the women’s managerial abilities and nutritional knowledge,
– Selling surplus produce to improve household living standards.

Social impact: 1,600 students will benefit from the initiative, along with 464 rural women, who will be trained.