South Africa


The African Conservation Trust (ACT) is an international non-profit active in Africa since 2000. It works to ensure safe food supplies and preserve biodiversity. In particular, ACT has been actively planting food gardens over the past 10 years.

Initiative supported: Planting agro-ecological gardens at daycare centers and schools in South Africa.
The aim is to improve safe food supply and reduce infant malnutrition.

The initiative involves planting 225 square meters of agro-ecological gardens, recovering rainwater, using indigenous seeds, and making compost to improve harvest yields, while minimizing the environmental impact. ACT also plans to train teachers at the schools and daycare centers in agro-ecology, to ensure the gardens’ sustainability.

Social impact: 2,200 children under 17 will be the beneficiaries, along with training for 1,084 school staff members and 10 teachers.