Created in 2000, ANDES (Association Nationale de Développement des Épiceries Solidaire) is one of the main food aid networks in France. Today, the association federates more than 500 solidarity grocery stores, offering participatory food aid, as well as social support to thousands of grocery store beneficiaries. Through its action, ANDES provides a response prior to emergency food aid and contributes to the social and professional integration of its beneficiaries. 

Given the increasing needs of the most vulnerable populations, ANDES’ objective is to strongly develop the network of solidarity grocery stores. In 2021, ANDES has been the winner of France Relance, a key support that will enable it to plan the creation of 300 new structures in France.  

The project supported in 2021: the Foundation supports the creation of 5 new solidarity grocery stores and educational visits for the children of beneficiary families, to reconnect with the origin of their food.

Solidarity grocery stores are very important local relays in the fight against food insecurity, while promoting access to fresh and quality products for isolated or low-income populations. Within these grocery stores, ANDES’ challenge is also to raise awareness among beneficiaries about the importance of better nutrition. Through the inclusion and participation of families, ANDES also contributes to developing and strengthening the self-esteem of each family.  

Beyond the creation of these new grocery stores, the Foundation’s support also allows to offer tools and organize educational visits to reconnect children with the origin of their food. In particular, “farm days” will be offered to the children who benefit from the grocery stores, allowing them to meet new people, discover a new environment, and benefit from moments of peace in an often complicated daily life.