Burkina Faso


The APPA (Association pour des Petits Projets Africains) is a Burkina Faso development association whose mission is to offer practical solutions to those most in need. Since its creation, the association has been involved in the development of twelve villages in the Hauts Bassins region of Burkina Faso by adopting a systemic approach to help villagers break out of the poverty spiral. Consequently, fifteen primary schools have been built, five rural centres set up and 37 boreholes installed. The APPA has enabled the creation of women’s centres and the development of income-generating activities (beehives and soap factories have been financed). The association also participates in the planting of fruit trees and hedges with the villagers.

The project: The Foundation is supporting a project to strengthen seven canteens in primary schools in the Houet and Kénédougou provinces of Burkina Faso.

With the financial support of the Foundation, seven schools will be equipped with a storage warehouse to ensure better conditions for the conservation of cowpeas, a variety of bean used for children’s meals. These harvests produced by students’ parents supplement the rice and oil provided by the local authorities. This relatively simple building measuring a few m2 will allow schools to optimise the management of their canteens.
Each of the seven schools will be equipped with an improved fireplace, a very efficient alternative to traditional ovens. It saves up to 50% of the wood needed to prepare meals. This closed kiln built from local materials not only reduces the time involved in wood collection and consumption, but also limits the risks of burns and inhalation of toxic fumes for school canteens.
1,800 pupils aged 6 to 16 years are benefiting from this food security project within the school.