Burkina Faso


Created in 2014, Hampanli is a secondary school on the outskirts of Fada N’Gourma, Burkina Faso’s 5th largest city. It currently accommodates almost 500 pupils, aged between 12 and 20. It is run by the Association pour le Développement des Communautés Villageoises (ADCV), an association under Burkina Faso law that supports numerous projects in the fields of education, the protection of young girls, health, water and agriculture.
Supported since its creation by the CAJJED Family Foundation, which has financed a large part of its infrastructure, Collège Hampanli still needed a specific building to organise the school canteen and offer one meal a day to each pupil. The aim is to build a covered, enclosed and equipped space that will provide a more comfortable environment for the pupils.

The project : The Bel Foundation wanted to help consolidate this secondary school and finance the construction of this refectory of almost 200 square metres.  

The meals will be organised by a committee made up of parent representatives, student representatives and representatives of the school administration. Women will be responsible for preparing the meals on site. These meals will be enriched by products from the botanical garden set up within the school and managed in part by the students.