Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF) is an NGO that has been accompanying the most vulnerable rural families for 40 years in the development of agricultural and livestock activities, in order to sustainably fight against food insecurity. Each year, AVSF conducts some sixty cooperation programs in some twenty countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. In Africa, the NGO has been particularly active for several years in the department of Vélingara, one of the poorest regions in Senegal. 

Since 2016, the Bel Foundation has accompanied AVSF on several missions in this region to help relocate dairy production while fighting malnutrition in local communities. The Foundation’s historical support for AVSF’s work has made it possible to strengthen networks of cooperative mini-dairies, through the “Milk for Kids” project in particular, thus making it possible to supply the region’s school canteens with local dairy products and improve the nutrition of schoolchildren. By strengthening the production, processing, and sales capacities of the Senegalese milk industry, AVSF has also enabled many families to see their income increase and thus improve their living conditions in the long term. The Bel Foundation’s latest support in 2019 offered leverage to AVSF’s action in Senegal: indeed, in November 2020, the French Development Agency (AFD) confirmed its support to the NGO to deploy the project in 57 new schools in partnership with GRDR, making it possible to improve the food security and learning conditions of more than 7,000 children.  

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The project supported in 2021: in the continuity of the “Milk for Kids” project, the Foundation is supporting AVSF on the “Tabital” project, for the structural reinforcement of 8 new school canteens, in the department of Vélingara in Senegal.

In the continuity of the “Milk for Kids” project, the Foundation wished to renew its support to AVSF to enable it to continue its mission in Vélingara: to sustainably improve the school food supply and the education of local populations. The Foundation’s support will enable the NGO to build and equip eight new canteens in five rural communities. Training and awareness-raising activities will also be provided to the management committees of the targeted schools, in order to guarantee the functioning and sustainability of the canteens created. In total, 1,200 children will benefit from a daily meal and better learning conditions.