Founded in 2013, Eau de Coco is a French association whose mission is to improve the quality of life of marginalised people, focusing its actions on education and the fight against child labour, health and the environment. For the past two years, through the Bel Avenir programme, Eau de Coco has been distributing Moringa leaf powder in canteens in the Tuléar region of southern Madagascar. Families in this region live in extreme poverty. Without a varied and balanced diet, they often suffer from numerous deficiencies, particularly young children.

Project supported: Moringa supplementation of meals distributed in five school canteens in Tuléar, Madagascar.

The aim of this project is to combat deficiencies and improve the nutrition of 555 children aged between 6 and 13 over the long term.

By supporting the development and sustainability of the moringa industry, the Foundation aims to help improve the nutritional status of children. Rich in iron and protein, moringa is considered an excellent nutritional supplement.

In practical terms, the Foundation’s support enables the organisation of planting, training in the production and processing of Moringa with local producers, the dissemination of best practice for its distribution in school canteens and the organisation of workshops to share experiences. The Foundation is also helping to equip school canteens, offer new recipes enriched with Moringa and raise awareness among parents and children of the benefits of Moringa.

Eau de Coco works in partnership with the social enterprise KINOME , which has extensive knowledge of the Moringa sector in Africa, particularly production and processing techniques.