Created in 1958, Enfants du Mékong’s mission is to support, educate, train and find employment for young people in Southeast Asia. In 60 years, more than 220,000 children have been sponsored and 600,000 children have benefited from improved learning conditions through the construction of schools.

Supported project: refurbishment of the kitchen at the Ban Phonxay nursery school in the eastern region of Paksane, Laos.
The objective is to improve the general reception conditions for the 80 students aged 3 to 5, and to provide two daily meals for each one of them.

Opened in 1997, the Ban Phonxay nursery school was severely damaged by inclement weather conditions. The roofs of the four classrooms, the kitchen and the eating area required complete refurbishment in 2019 to improve learning conditions.
Through the Foundation some of the buildings can be refurbished and a school canteen built, equipped with a kitchen and a catering area.