Founded in 1976, GRET works to fight poverty, reduce structural inequalities, promote economic and social rights, and preserve the environment. GRET works in some thirty countries on three continents to serve the most vulnerable people. Its actions, which are the result of long and sustainable establishments in the countries where it operates, are based on a co-construction approach with communities and a vast network of partners. 

As a historical partner of the Foundation, GRET has been accompanied on several occasions in the context of nutritional awareness programs in Burkina Faso. In 2017 and 2018, the Foundation provided support to the NGO to develop the “ALLOLAAFIA” program, making it possible to inform and raise awareness through cell phones among disadvantaged families about maternal and child nutrition issues.  

In 2020, the Bel Foundation renewed its support to GRET for the implementation of a pilot project to relocate milk production and supply seven school canteens in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. With the success of this experience, GRET is proposing to duplicate this project in Senegal this year. 

The project supported in 2021: thanks to the Foundation’s support, GRET is accompanying mini-dairies in the development of a fortified dairy product that will improve the diet of students in three school canteens in the Dagana region of Senegal. 

Capitalizing on the project initiated in 2020 in Burkina Faso, GRET asked the Foundation to replicate it in the Senegalese context. In this region of northern Senegal, the challenge for GRET remains the same: to improve the living conditions and income of livestock-raising families by strengthening the local milk industry. GRET will support two mini-dairies to produce fortified thiakry, a local product made from milk and millet, enriched with iron.  

This product will be distributed twice a week in 3 elementary schools, allowing 500 students to fight anemia. 

Through this new project, GRET aims to provide a sustainable solution to the problems of malnutrition in the region.