The Harena Manasoa France association supports the activities of the Malagasy association Harena Manasoa, which has been working for over 20 years on sustainable economic and social development projects in Madagascar.
In 2017, the French association decided to focus its efforts on setting up self-sufficient school canteens to increase school attended among children, improve their learning conditions but also introduce the population to agro-ecological practices. This has involved the launch of the ECO-CANTINE project, which aims to set up 10 canteens for the 2,500 pupils in Andramasina municipality’s 10 primary schools by 2021.
Two canteens have already been built, and in 2018 the association signed an agreement with the Malagasy Ministry of National Education that encourages the development of “green schools” and acknowledges its actions.

Supported project: deployment of the ECO-CANTINE project and construction of a school canteen for the two new public primary schools in Andramasina, Madagascar.
The objective is to provide at least two balanced meals per week to each of the 500 students, aged 4 to 15.

The Foundation’s support has made it possible to set up a canteen shelter to provide children with a sheltered space, albeit modest but more comfortable for them to eat. The grant has also made it possible to set up a vegetable garden, a henhouse, a well, a pump and a cistern for which the students, parents and teachers are responsible. This is obviously the heart of the project and guarantees its sustainability. The association works with all stakeholders to transmit efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. It supports the empowerment of the entire village community by signing a charter of commitment with it.