Helen Keller International works to combat blindness and malnutrition in 22 countries in Africa and Asia; every year its work affects millions of children and their families.
To combat malnutrition, which affects mainly women and children, Helen Keller International has designed a programme based on food crops, called “Homestead Food Production”.

Project supported: The Foundation wanted to support this “Homestead Food Production” project, which started in northern Vietnam two years ago. It consists of creating vegetable gardens for women to ensure they have enough food in the long term and can meet the nutritional needs of their children.

Conducted in partnership with the Vietnam National Institute of Nutrition, under the authority of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health, the Homestead Food Production programme provides the means of production (seeds, plants, small livestock, and equipment) and women receive training in agriculture, nutrition and hygiene. Trained and supported in this way, they can gradually take on an active role within their community. The farms can produce fruit and vegetables rich in micro-nutrients which supplement and diversify the food supply for children.
Extended in 2017 to include 150 additional families, thanks to the support of the Foundation, the programme targets nearly 1,000 beneficiaries. It has also enabled an additional programme to be set up to create student gardens in three schools.