Created in 2011, the Île aux enfants community school strives to improve the schooling and health conditions of Malagasy children in a slum in the capital.

Supported project: construction of a new school catering building within the school, located in Tananarive, Madagascar.
The objective is to increase the school’s capacity, while providing a balanced daily meal to each of the 295 children aged 4 to 14, and to expand learning opportunities for older children.

Since 2012, the Bel Foundation has provided its support on several occasions to underpin the school’s development; in 2011, 56 students attended the school. In 2019, nearly 300 students are enrolled there from nursery to high school.
The school is at full capacity but the grant has allowed it to reorganise and build a new building to increase the number of seats and meals distributed in the canteen.
The project also includes the planting of a vegetable garden and an aquaponics system to provide a balanced daily meal for all children, as well as the launch of a culinary vocational training programme for around 15 students.