International development NGO Initiative Développement has the mission of strengthening local communities’ self-sufficiency so they can build and implement solutions to the social, environmental and economic challenges of their regions by themselves. For 25 years, the NGO has been active in the fields of health, environmental protection and access to energy, water and education.
In the Fatick region of Senegal, the need for energy resources is high and sustainable substitutes limited. Wood and charcoal remain the main sources of energy for cooking food, leading to increased deforestation.
In collaboration with the Fatick Regional Development Agency, the NGO has been implementing a project since 2014 aimed at finding innovative solutions to fight climate change and improve living standards for the region’s inhabitants.

The project: As part of this vast environmental project, the Foundation is financing improvements to 12 school canteens in the Fatick region through the establishment of Improved Homes.

Through its financial support, every school can be equipped with cookers that consume less wood and coal. Beyond the economic and ecological benefits, these cookers help protect the health and safety of stoves and improve the quality of meals distributed to children.
Alongside environmental awareness actions, training in nutrition and in the use of Improved Homes is organised for children and families.
By supporting this project, the Foundation enables each of the 2,835 pupils aged between 6 and 13 years old to benefit from a daily meal and better understand the environment in which they live. In the long term, this project aims to safeguard the food supply of school canteens, protect the environment and improve living standards for inhabitants of the Fatick region.