The private Institut Pasteur de Lille foundation is a recognized public-interest organization dedicated to medical research and preventive health initiatives. The Pileje Foundation promotes good nutrition and health among the general public.

Initiative supported: Deployment of the “Nutrissimo Junior” nutrition education program targeted at everyone involved in France’s education system, including kids, parents, teachers, and school support staff. The aim is to raise awareness about a healthy diet among school kids..

Since 2014, the Institut Pasteur de Lille, the Pileje Corporate Foundation and the Bel Foundation have teamed up to deploy this program in France.

The program raises awareness among various audiences about adopting new eating behaviors through conferences with kids and parents, interactive workshops, the Nutrissimo Junior board game, and training for school support staff and cooks.
In partnership with French charity Unis Cité and the Bel Foundation, the Institut Pasteur de Lille and the Pileje Foundation will also deploy the program in four cities targeted by the Unis Cité initiative, including Grande-Synthe, Mazingarbe, Bully-les-Mines, and Dunkirk.

Social impact: Some 600 children in 20 new cities will benefit from this program in 2018.