La Trousse à projets is the French education system’s crowdfunding platform, dedicated to the educational projects of school teams and pupils, from nursery school to high school. It includes a solidarity section run by the Fonds de dotation pour une École Solidaire et Innovante (FESI) (Endowment Fund for a Supportive and Innovative School), which gives a helping hand to the projects that need it most and thus gives the same opportunities to everyone, particularly to projects run by schools located in REP, rural or isolated areas.

The project: The Bel Foundation has decided to provide financial support for this solidarity section of the Project Kit, to help carry out around twenty projects in 2021 on the theme of food.

Carried out by primary and lower secondary schools across the country, these projects to raise awareness, provide support and encourage creativity and discovery are all unique: a discovery class on a farm, the creation of a vegetable garden, an educational garden, an aviary or a henhouse, meetings with farmers, beekeepers or cheese-makers, the creation of a sorting area in the canteen, the creation of a culinary event to highlight local produce: each year there are many food-related projects, all unique.

Their objectives are just as varied: raising awareness of zero food waste, discovering trades, learning about the food chain, discovering the issues surrounding intensive farming, an introduction to permaculture, learning to cook, etc. Where does our food come from, how is it transported and what can its second life be?
These are just some of the questions that these local projects aim to answer, so that the pupils become eco-citizens who are aware of the importance of good food.