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International NGO L’Appel takes positive action to benefit children in three areas: health, education, and water & improving living conditions. The organisation has designed a nutritional education tool designed to combat child malnutrition: the Nutricartes® teaching tool, which takes the form of playing cards and provide a fun and interactive learning method, with clear, simple messages that are easy to put into practice.

Project supported: Creation of a smartphone application for gathering and analysing field data. The aim is to assess the effectiveness of the Nutricartes® teaching resource, deployed in 6 countries since 2017.

Since 2012, the Bel Foundation has provided L’Appel with support at various stages in the deployment of its Nutricartes® teaching tool.
Now that a number of years have gone by, evaluating the tool has become a key part of maintaining continuity in the project. With the Foundation’s support, in 2019, L’Appel will be able to fund the creation of a smartphone app. After collecting the field data, the organisation will use an external evaluation firm to assess the Nutricartes® tool, with the aim of deploying it.