Burkina Faso


An international development NGO, Le Gret is involved in host of health, farming, water and other initiatives to deliver sustainable solutions for fair development..

Initiative supported: Deployment of the Allolafia project, started in 2016, to provide customized information and raise awareness about children’s health via mobile phone.

The Foundation agreed to support Le Gret for the second year in a row to help deploy and expand the Allolafia program to new families.
The program aims to provide parents of children under two with practical and useful health and nutritional information adapted to their needs via text or voice messages sent to their cell phones each week. Dietary information about infants and young children is texted on a regular basis. The remotely available information is able to reach people who live far from healthcare services and are therefore the most vulnerable to malnutrition.

Social impact: In 2016, the mobile subscription services of 4,400 enrolled families were continued for free for the second year in a row, with 2,000 new families signed up.