Burkina Faso


The international development NGO GRET carries out operations in a wide range of areas (Health, Agriculture, Water, etc.) with the aim of providing sustainable responses for development in solidarity.

Project supported: consolidation of “ALLOLAAFIA”, a programme for personalised information and the raising of awareness about children’s health, through mobile phones (launched in 2016 by GRET and supported by the Foundation).
The aim is to improve the use of good nutritional and health practices by families and infants under the age of two in Burkina Faso.

Each week, the parents of under-twos will receive practical health and nutritional information that is useful and suited to their needs, in the form of text and/or voice messages via their mobile phones. There are regular messages about feeding infants and young children. By making this information accessible remotely, it is possible to reach those members of the population who are farthest away from health services and are therefore the most vulnerable.
The Foundation has decided to provide GRET with support for the third year running to consolidate the “ALLOLAAFIA” programme and ensure it is taken over by a local organisation in Burkinabe’s health community.

Social impact: 1,200 new families will be given free subscriptions.