Medical Committee Netherlands Vietnam is a Dutch foundation that has been committed to improving the living conditions and promoting the inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized populations in Southeast Asia since 1968. The Foundation has set up various development projects in remote areas of Vietnam and Laos. Among these projects, MCNV provides special assistance to people with disabilities, enables the development of micro-finance programs for women, and participates in the fight against child malnutrition and the prevention of infectious diseases. 

MCNV has been supported 15 preschools in upland villages of Dong Xuan district (Phu Yen province), in Vietnam for several years. Their canteens now need to be renovated and made safer in order to provide an optimal environment for the children they welcome every day. 

The project supported in 2021: the Foundation is providing financial assistance to MCNV to equip and renovate 15 kindergarten canteens located in the mountains of Phu Yen, a province in central Vietnam. 

The Bel Foundation’s support will enable the purchase of electrical appliances to equip the kitchens, and furniture for the dining halls. Training will also be provided to school staff and parents to enable them to use the equipment and cook balanced meals. Through this project, MCNV will also be able to install water points and sanitary facilities to provide the best possible conditions for children to study in its kindergartens. 

MCNV is also financing the purchase of food items. This global project aims to improve the nutritional status of more than 450 children under the age of 5 in upland villages, to guarantee the availability of healthy and nutritious food, and to provide a solid knowledge base to local communities on nutrition issues.