PL4Y International works in France and internationally, setting up educational programmes aimed at young people and children, using sport as a lever for change.
Playdagogie Nutrition enables teachers and educators to use sport as an educational support to discuss the theme of nutrition with children between 6 and 11 years old. It provides fun activities where children can use play to learn what good eating behaviours should be adopted for a healthy lifestyle.

Project supported: The Foundation’s support enables the PLAYDAGOGIE NUTRITION programme to enter a new development phase and be deployed in several communes of the Nord, Ile de France and PACA regions.

The Bel Foundation’s support will enable an e-learning platform to be created, the existing platform to be developed, and new stakeholders to be trained. 120 new Playdagogie Nutrition kits, which include the educational material and sports equipment required for sessions, will also be manufactured.

PLAYDAGOGIE INTERNATIONAL’s aim is to get their message across to around 22,000 children.