Since 2010, PROGRAMME MALIN has been helping socially and economically vulnerable families to give their young children proper nourishment, from birth to age three, by offering them a range of very specific support tools. Programme Malin includes information and tips on food, practical advice and recipes for parents, and also early childhood professionals who are at their disposal in order to provide more personalised answers to their questions. In the experimentation phase, Programme Malin is currently deployed in 5 pilot regions in France.

Project supported: design of new digital materials. In the form of an easily accessible game that is simple and fun – the player composes the daily meals for their family; this application will help to complement the Programme’s activities on the ground and thereby strengthen their impact.

Fully funded by the Foundation and developed in partnership with the start-up C’Trop Food, a specialist in providing entertaining content about food, the game will help to circulate the Malin programme more widely.

Social impact: the association aims to reach 200,000 children by 2020.