UNIS-CITE is a pioneering association of the Civic Service in France, which offers young people the opportunity to engage in voluntary work of general interest in France.

Project supported: Support for the “Les Vitaminés” civic service programme in the cities of Lens and Dunkirk. The aim is to encourage children to adopt a healthy diet and an active lifestyle to prevent them becoming overweight and obese.

The Foundation’s donation will enable the programme to continue for another year in Lens and Dunkirk, in the neediest neighbourhoods.

The mission of the 22 Civic Service volunteers mobilised in 2017 will be going out to meet the children and their families in a positive, fun and participatory spirit to get them involved in their health.

Fun snacks after school, educational activities in the canteen, fitness Wednesdays, individual support for volunteer families: the team work carried out by the young “Vitaminés” aims to create a sustainable relationship with the children and parents they meet, to gradually change their behaviour.
The aim is to get the message across to 1,500 additional children over a period of nine months.