French non-profit Vivre Ensemble – La Pouponnière de Mbour is a short-stay orphanage, active for over 15 years, that seeks to place children up to 16 years of age with families.

Initiative supported: Renovating and equipping two kitchens in an orphanage located south of Dakar, Senegal.
The purpose is to improve sanitary conditions and ensure meal preparation for children, while improving the working conditions of the cooks.

The Foundation’s funding will cover the cost of the work and outfitting of both kitchens:
– The first kitchen, reserved for children under four, will have baby feeding area set aside for preparing bottles, purees and porridge.
– The second “Family Units and Older Children” kitchen will prepare meals for children aged two to 18.

Social impact: 158 children under 16, including 100 children under two, will benefit from this initiative, as well as the 135 employees who work at the center.