International actions

Your project is helping the development and sustainability of school canteens internationally ?

Submit your project !

You can get a financial support from the Bel Foundation.
Every year, about twenty projects are supported.

Selection Criteria

Before submitting your project, please check that you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Structure must have a not-for-profit designation, and of general interest in the fiscal meaning,
  • If not French, Structure must have a French partner and/or one recommendation of a French Foundation,
  • Project must provide an innovate, measurable and sustainable response to improving school meals for children,
  • All countries are eligible for a donation of the Bel Foundation, but a particular attention will be paid to countries in which the Bel Group operates.
  • Support asked from the Foundation could not fund the association running cost.

This year, the Foundation will study specifically projects addressing the following issues:

  • Sustainable supply for canteens: vegetable gardens, market gardening areas, collaborations with agricultural cooperatives, etc.,
  • Nutrition: offering safe and diversified school meals,
  • Organization: involvement of communities in the daily management of the canteen,
  • Pedagogy: raising awareness among school children of good food practices, to make them actors in their diet.


Before beeing submitted to the Board of Directors of the Foundation, every application is assessed by the Project Selection Committee (PSC).

  • June, 5th – August, 31st 2023: online applications
  • September / October 2023: analysis and preselection by the Project Selection Committee
  • November 2023: deliberation of the Board of Directors
  • December 2023 – December 2024: implementation and monitoring of the project

The 2023 Call for Projects is closed.
The next Call for Projects will open in 2024.