Foundation Bel – Collaborative grants awarded in 2019

15 grants were awarded to teams of employees


Action Education

Their project: equipping a “School Truck” allowing children to be pre-schooled in order to prepare their entry into the classic school system. Mediators will be present to accompany the children but also the parents. Breakfasts and snacks will also be distributed to the children.

Sylviane BENGUE & Sophie LEPRETTRE


Association Relais Autisme

Their project: creation of a reception structure adapted to the needs of children with autism in order to be a place of exchange and relay for the families as well as a place of learning and inclusion.

Laurent Guyon & Jean-Luc Loersch


Vive les Vacances

Their project: organization for about fifty children of a day of activities and discovery (Kayak, discovery of seals, awareness program) in Berck-sur-Mer.

Yann Depoorter & Alexandra Berreby


La Calabadoure

Their project: financing of a joëlette to allow the association’s beneficiary children to share and discover a sport.

Chantal Lucas & Lohic Lucas


Un cadeau pour la vie

Their project: creation of a fresco by a painter to bring joy and comfort to the children and parents of the hematology department of the Armand Trousseau hospital.

Pauline Heitmann & Céline Navet


Ray of sunshine

Their project: making three wishes come true for three sick children.

Jennie Dettmer & Ingrid Bounya Mbappe



Their project: organizing activities for children under 6 years old with Williams Syndrome, during a summer camp.

Biliana Vladimirova, Rosario Castelló Domínguez & María José Cabanach



Their project: equipping a dormitory in a care home for children in vulnerable situations.

Daniel Sadowski, Kamila Szostak & Rafal Kacprzak


One Hand

Their project: financing a humanitarian caravan that will distribute school bags, food baskets, clothing packs and blankets in remote areas of Morocco



Their project: financing equipment to facilitate motor skills and improve the safety of the association’s beneficiary children.

Siham Al Aataati & Hind Hkim


Chaine de l’espoir

Their project: financing treatments and operations for children with heart disease, orthopedics or in need of reconstructive surgery.

Shirin Rayga & Fatemeh Saadati


Chicago debates

Their project: to organize one of 35 tournaments to develop the speaking skills of Chicago public school students.

Kathleen Rieser & Johnni Rogers


Hope Academy for kids

Their project: creation of an after-school program offered to underprivileged children: homework help, distribution of healthy and balanced meals, mentoring.

Amy Cox, Bethany Crawford, James Fitzgerald, Ryan Johnston, Marvin Jones, Kristy Meredith, April Mode, Chrissy Mudd, Barbara Pierce, Amy Snyder & Cindy Stewart


Ateliers Je suis capable

Their project: financing a garden and planting fruit trees attached to an organization, in order to raise awareness of a healthier and more responsible diet in disadvantaged areas.

Jacinthe Lemire & Marilou Chapdelaine & Sophie Guévremont


Mécénat chirurgie cardiaque

Their project: to help the hospitalization of a little boy from Ivory Coast in France.

Aymard Bogui Petey, Kadiatou Huchet, Marie France Maugard