Foundation Bel – Collaborative grants awarded in 2021

9 grants were awarded to teams of collaborators.


Občianske združenie Zdravie Zemplína

Their project: Purchase of equipment to promote breastfeeding among mothers of prematurely born babies.

Branislav Salatek & Zuzana Staskova & Pavol Stovka


Association ROSE

Their project: Provision of an augmented reality headset, allowing for post-surgery entertainment or relaxation after surgery, for the children of the hospital of Lons-le-Saunier.

Sonia Hugon & Nicolas Rouer & Audrey Herry & Laurent Guyon & Fabienne Tillier & Célia Antoine



Their project: Acquisition of video equipment to allow sick children to make animations and television news, and thus gain confidence in themselves.

Gwenaelle Trinquesse & Frank Lorié & Virginie Pacalin Duranc


Chinese Mutual Aid Association

Their project: Supporting an after-school program at a center for children from immigrant backgrounds, in order to improve academic results and to fight against school dropout due to online courses following the Covid.

Emily Tolzmann & Carmen Estrada & Nathalie Dunand Zaloum & Anne Claire Vuillemin & Sally Kubes & Linda Ziolkowski & Theresa Tran & Nathan Jones & Sarah Nelson


Le Rire Médecin

Their project: Participation in the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc® (170km) for the benefit of the association Le Rire Médecin.

Michaël Andre & Julien Mandegou & Aurélien Combe & Benjamin Bertrand & Yann Wederich & Benoit Maurel & Jerome Boudier



Their project: Study of the needs of MaMaMa’s beneficiaries, and creation of communication tools according to the results obtained, in order to develop their actions and to raise awareness about child nutrition.

Audrey Grolet & Cécile Biansan & Marie Kherouf


Samu Social

Their project: Construction of two sports fields in a home for sexually harassed and abused young girls to help them regain their self-confidence.

Marize Zaki & Rana Anwar & Mohamed Ibrahim


Un Petit Bagage d’Amour

Their project: Financing of 150 maternity suitcases containing childcare equipment and products for babies (diapers, bottles, etc.) and for women in very precarious situations.

Eléonore Payance, Pauline Heitmann, Céline Navet 


Des Valises pour Beyrouth

Their project: Purchase and collection of essential goods (diapers, powdered milk, bottles, medicines, clothes, etc.) in France to be sent to Lebanon, to support the children of Beirut.

Mirella Sarkis & Jerome Abi Saad & Rachida Cherifi & Lea Cherfane & Rabi Tayboudargham