Created more than 15 years ago, the French association ABC DOMINO operates exclusively in Madagascar to implement humanitarian actions, improve living standards for local people and provide access to education. Located in the bush in the Grand Sud, the association has built six primary schools as well as two middle schools and a high school, which it manages. Thanks to its actions, more than 3,500 pupils are schooled there, supervised by a team of 110 Malagasy teachers.

The project: The Foundation wishes to help diversify the food supply of one of these school canteens, by setting up an orchard and a nursery.

This project follows on from the project supported by the Foundation in 2019, thanks to which two school canteens have been built. By renewing its financial support in 2020, the Foundation is helping to improve the food supply of a third canteen. Thanks to the plantations of fruit trees and food plants that provide a nutritional supplement, the 580 primary school children will enjoy a more balanced meal every day.

In addition to the orchard, the nursery will enable families in neighbouring villages to develop fruit trees, which will help improve people’s nutrition in the long term, but also reforest a region strongly affected by climate change.

To discover the work of the ABC Domino for the Malagasy Children, feel free to watch the video (sorry, French video) below:

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