Founded more than 15 years ago on the initiative of the European Homes Group, the ABC Domino organization works exclusively in Madagascar to improve the living conditions of local populations, and to provide access to education. Established in the bush in the Great South, the organization has built six elementary school, as well as two junior high schools and one high school, run by ABC Domino. Through its work, more than 3,500 students receive an education, coordinated by a team of 110 Malagasy teachers. 

The Bel Foundation has supported ABC Domino twice before, first to build the canteen of an elementary school (2019) and then to participate in the creation of a first nursery and an orchard next to the high school (2020).  

The project supported in 2021: the Foundation renews its support to ABC Domino in order to create a new nursery and an orchard, to supply two elementary school created by the NGO in this same region. 

This project is a continuation of the previous project supported by the Foundation in 2020. The association is continuing its work in the South. In this region, which is increasingly subject to drought and deforestation, ABC Domino is working to ensure the diversification of the food supply in its schools.  

In order to include learning about agriculture and environmentally friendly practices in the educational project, vegetable gardens have been created in several schools. 

The project supported by the Foundation allows the creation of a nursery to produce plants for an orchard. The species chosen are mainly for food but also for medicinal purposes or to produce wood for energy or construction.  

Through this project, the association also wishes to sensitize the students’ families to water management, biodiversity and the environment. ABC Domino offers a replanting program of endemic and wild species from the nurseries, while proposing educational activities on these themes. 

With this new project, ABC Domino continues its mission to guarantee a healthy and balanced diet for nearly 600 children, while giving the population the possibility to act for a better future and for the protection of its environment.  

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