A Senegalese charity founded by an team of young and actively engaged local doctors, Agora seeks to durably improve human health in Senegalese communities by focusing on maternal and infant care, prevention, and care for the chronically ill.

Initiative supported: Early screening for malnutrition and care for malnutrition cases at a nutrition rehab center in Senegal.
The goal is to reduce infant malnutrition in Senegal’s Saint Louis region.

The donation from the Bel Foundation will help train mothers and grand mothers to screen their children for malnutrition and to care for confirmed malnutrition cases, if necessary. It will fund weekly checkups for children, nutrition workshops and efforts to promote the consumption of micronutrients.
Social impact: 11,000 children under five in Senegal’s Saint Louis region are targeted by this initiative.

Impact social : 11 000 enfants âgés de moins de 5 ans sont ciblés dans la région de Saint Louis du Sénégal.