For 25 years, Agrisud has worked to bring impoverished people back into the economy by helping them to start small family farms that are agro-ecological and well anchored in local markets.

Initiative supported: Implementation of an integrated approach that combines farming and nutrition to improve the daily diets of families in Madagascar.

With the backing of the Foundation, Agrisud aims to significantly scale up its initiative by seeding it among the target population.
Agrisud has observed that assisted populations often have persistently high rates of malnutrition despite economic improvement in their lives. Complementing its activities to develop farming, and in partnership with the Madagascan Regional Nutrition Office, the initiative includes activities to raise awareness about nutrition derived from the LANN (Linking Agriculture, Natural Resource Management and Nutrition) approach. In particular, a nutritional guide has been prepared to provide the necessary guidance for making effective assessments, raising awareness and providing customized training to durably improve nutrition for families.

Social impact: Nearly 1,000 beneficiary women and 4,000 children in a very impoverished area, where the rate of chronic malnutrition for children under five is 62%.