Founded in 2015, BIOCYCLE is a French association that fights against food waste and food insecurity, by collecting unsold food from various players (markets, shops, collective catering) and then redistributing it to partner associations.

The association also runs awareness-raising campaigns on good eating habits in schools in the Paris region (Ivry, Kremlin-Bicêtre, Vitry-sur-Seine, Paris centre/13th/14th and Seine-Saint-Denis).
In response to numerous requests from citizens, parents and canteen staff, the town of Ivry asked Biocycle to take part in a pioneering Anti-Waste & Solidarity awareness campaign in the town’s schools. At the same time, Biocycle’s partner associations in Ivry identified a need to collect around 120 kg of food per week.

The Foundation’s support in 2022 aim to make possible to promote initiatives to combat food waste and food insecurity in 13 canteens in Ivry, in the Ile-de-France region.

What are the expected results of the project?

In all, 3,400 schoolchildren will be taught by the Biocycle association about good anti-waste practices and food and solidarity redistribution.

Moreover, Bel employees are committed to the Biocycle association through Days for Good, a week of solidarity within the Bel group. Find out more about their actions and testimonials in Days for Good 2022.