Preventing, educating and raising awareness of good nutritional practices among vulnerable populations: such is the mission of the association Bien-Etre Sante Nutrition, B’SaN. For several years now, it has been working in Madagascar to combat child malnutrition by setting up school canteens.
The association has already set up two projects of school canteens in rural areas and wishes to continue its activities, in search of a fully self-sufficient canteen template that addresses three issues: the provision of a structure for a canteen, improved nutrition and local development.
In 2017, the support of the Bel Foundation made it possible to set up the second canteen. The Foundation wished to renew its support and allow the association to duplicate its activities while having a greater impact.

Supported project: setting up a third school canteen, in partnership with local farmers at the primary school in the village of Imerimandroso, in the Tamatave region of Madagascar.
The objective is to offer two to three balanced meals per week for each of the 80 students, aged 6 to 10.

The grant has enabled the construction of a courtyard composed by tables and benches to distribute children’s meals in a clean and protected place, an adjoining kitchen shelter equipped with an ecological cooking system, as well as the utensils necessary for preparing meals and serving sit-down meals.
But beyond the construction of these facilities, the aim is also to establish structured coordination around the canteen between the school, families and local farmers. This should bring about the desired autonomy of supply, and thus ensure the sustainability of the project.