Since 1967, Caritas has been working to improve the living conditions of the poorest people and to provide assistance in disaster and emergency situations. The Caritas Egypt branch is part of the international Caritas confederation and works in several Egyptian regions to help the most vulnerable populations. The association helps particularly in rural Egypt but also in urban areas, in the slums. 

In 2021, the Bel Foundation launched for the first time a call for projects for Egyptian associations and NGOs, to which Caritas responded. In the 6 centers in greater Cairo region that the association manages, one of them requires the renovation of the school canteen for children on the margins of Egyptian society. 

The project supported in 2021: the Foundation is providing financial assistance to Caritas to consolidate a school canteen located in a center for people affected by leprosy in the Kalyoubeyia region.

Caritas manages a hospital center (Abu Zaabal Center) that welcomes nearly 500 families affected by leprosy. These families are generally rejected by society because of their disease, and thanks to Caritas, they benefit from a welcoming and professional environment. Within this center, Caritas has set up a daycare center and a nursery school to welcome the children of these families. The Bel Foundation’s support has enabled the school’s canteen to be equipped with utensils and appliances to improve the preparation of meals served to the children. A vegetable garden as well as training sessions are completing Caritas’ action, in order to bring sustainable knowledge to the families and the school staff on nutrition issues. Thanks to this project, the association hopes to be able to distribute an additional meal to each child daily, to encourage their development.