Created 150 years ago, Saint Martial college is a reputed school in Port‑au-Prince, Haiti. Over 1,700 students attend it, from nursery to high school. The earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010 almost completely destroyed it.
As part of a major reconstruction project, in 2015 the Foundation helped to refurbish the eating area and kitchen of the primary section. Through a low monthly subscription fee, around 100 children now enjoy a hot and balanced meal every day in a brand new building.

Supported project: construction of an extension to the eating area of Saint Martial college in Haiti.
The objective is to double the canteen’s capacity to provide one meal for each of the 350 students every day.

In order to meet increased demand, the college wishes to build a new eating area with anti-earthquake standards in the schoolyard. With the support of the Foundation, this construction project will increase the number of meals served every day in the canteen, from 100 to 350 meals served for primary school children aged 6 to 13. Priority will be given to registering the most vulnerable families.