Created in 2013, Eau de Coco is a French association whose mission is to improve the living standards of marginalised people, focusing on education and the fight against child labour, health and the environment. For the past two years, through the Bel Avenir Programme, Eau de Coco has been distributing Moringa leaf powder to canteens in the Tulear region of southern Madagascar. In this region, families live in great poverty. Deprived of a varied and balanced diet, they often suffer from various deficiencies, especially young children.

The project: Given the seriousness of the COVID 19 health crisis in Madagascar, the Foundation is providing exceptional additional aid to support the emergency responses that the Eau de Coco association has had to put in place, thus enabling the full implementation of the project it has been supporting since 2019.

This is a Moringa supplementation programme targeting meals distributed in five school canteens in the Tuléar region. This tree is known for its nutritional virtues.
With the health crisis that hit and closure of schools in March, emergency food kits containing Moringa had to be distributed. In this context, although Moringa production has been maintained, training in Moringa production and processing for local producers as well as the medical and nutritional monitoring of children, initially planned in partnership with Kinomé, had to be interrupted and/or postponed.
By renewing its support, the Foundation is making it possible to effectively implement these two components, which are essential to the programme’s success.

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