Established in 2006, the NGO Egyptian Food Bank implements a variety of programs focused on development, food distribution and awareness, in order to fight hunger in Egypt in a sustainable manner. Through these actions, the NGO also aims to raise awareness about the fight against food waste. Specialized in food aid issues, Egyptian Food Bank has been implementing since 2010 the “School Feeding Program”, in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Education, to improve the nutrition of students in 44 priority government schools, and thus contribute to increase the schooling rate. Since the launch of this feeding program, more than 13 million meals have been distributed in 10 Egyptian governorates.  

In 2020, the Bel Foundation helped the NGO equip and modernize 10 of these schools. Between the Alexandria and Cairo regions, several thousand students from underprivileged neighborhoods can now benefit from meals prepared in safe conditions. 

The project supported in 2021: the Foundation is renewing its support to the NGO to develop the “School Feeding Program”, to equip 19 new school canteens throughout the country.

The extension of the partnership between the Foundation and the Egyptian Food Bank allows the NGO to continue its mission in the schools identified with the Egyptian government. In each new primary school, the kitchens are equipped with appliances that meet strict specifications, utensils, and various equipment to ensure good conditions for preparing the meals provided, and then distributed daily by the NGO to the schoolchildren. Through the School Feeding Program, the Egyptian Food Bank also recruits and trains some mothers, thus creating employment and ensuring the sustainable management of these canteens.  

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