Since 2004, the French association Racines d’Enfance has been working exclusively in rural areas of Senegal with the mission of promoting children’s education. Since its creation, it has built a dozen preschools and has provided schooling to more than 8,600 children, from age 2 to 7. Its objective is to contribute to improving the living conditions of the children and to prepare them to continue their schooling by going to elementary school. Through its action, the association also allows mothers to have free time to devote to the development of income-generating activities.  

The Bel Foundation supports Racines d’Enfance in the development of these preschools. After three years of partnership, 6 canteens have been built, fitted out and equipped with vegetable gardens (for more information, discover the projects of Racines d’Enfance supported by the Bel Foundation in 2018, 2019 and 2020). 

The project supported in 2021: the Foundation is supporting Racines d’Enfance in the construction of the canteen for its 12th preschool.

The Bel Foundation’s support will make it possible to finance the construction of the kitchen, the canteen, and the establishment of a vegetable garden, to guarantee the food supply for this new school. The goal is to offer the schoolchildren as well as the staff a daily balanced lunch, and thus contribute to the improvement of their health and therefore to a better concentration in class.  

Like the other schools managed by Racines d’Enfance, this 12th one is self-managed by a school committee composed of villagers, teachers and representatives of the administrative authorities, which ensures the sustainability of the school and the canteen.  Click here to know more about this school. 

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