Founded in 2006, the NGO Egyptian Foodbank implements a range of programmes focusing on development, food distribution and awareness-raising, in order to combat hunger in Egypt in the long term. Through these actions, the NGO also aims to raise awareness of the fight against food waste. Since 2010, the Egyptian Food Bank, which specialises in food aid issues, has been running the School Feeding Program in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Education to improve the diet of pupils in 44 priority government schools and help increase school attendance. Since the launch of this food programme, over 13 million meals have been served in 10 Egyptian governorates.

Of the 44 schools managed by the NGO, 29 canteens have received new equipment thanks to the Bel Foundation’s support in 2020 and 2021. The Foundation’s support in 2022 will provide the means to develop the School Feeding Program in ten further school canteens across the country.

What are the project’s expected results?

In total, over 33,500 pupils aged 6 to 11 will have access to one meal per day throughout the school year.

The local Bel subsidiary is involved in monitoring the project on site and was also able to visit one of the schools supported by the Foundation in December 2021. Watch the video of their visit below:

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